About CMC

As a partner to the Civic Engagement Center of Prairie State College, CMC promotes the development of an inclusive and vibrant region. The Center conducts workshops, educational programs, and social events in partnership with a variety of individuals and organizations.


The mission of CMC is to foster alliances across religions, races, and ethnicities to allow communities and institutions to reach their potential by using the talents of all of their members.


In 1997, the organization known as Healing Racism Chicago Southland was founded in Flossmoor, Illinois. Anna Carvalho is the organization’s founder, and she served for several years as the executive director.

The group began by offering “Healing Racism” workshops throughout the Chicago area to help individuals and organizations better understand and work with cultural differences. The group’s focus was mainly racism as it has historically been experienced by minority populations in the United States.

Later, the group chose a new name, the Center for MultiCultural Communities, which reflects a broadening focus. CMC teaches people how to understand and embrace the uniqueness of different groups, and thereby increase their cultural competence. CMC is located on the Chicago Heights campus of Prairie State College (PSC), where it is a partner of PSC’s Civic Engagement Center. Students, with the support of PSC Student Services, may host a chapter of CMC.

CMC board members 2010


CMC is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 charity operating in the State of Illinois. It employs a part-time executive director, and is run by a volunteer board of directors. The current leaders are listed below.

Executive Director
Pat Morley
Monica J. Regan
Meredith Thetford
Board Members
Ruby Donahue
Narvel Kimble
Darlene Obejda
Deborah Orr
Taniya Scott

Workshop Leaders
James Wessendorf
Eugene Dumas (Executive Director Emeritus)
Glen Barwegen

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